Company Profile

   Electricité du Liban (EDL) is a public establishment with an industrial and commercial vocation.

   It was founded by Decree No. 16878 dated July 10, 1964, and is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy in Lebanon.

   Currently, EDL controls over 90% of the Lebanese electricity sector (including the Kadisha concession in North Lebanon which is owned by EDL). Other participants in the sector include hydroelectric power plants owned by the Litani River Authority, concessions for hydroelectric power plants such as Nahr Ibrahim and Al Bared, in adition to concessions of Distribution in Zahle, Jbeil, and Bhamdoun.

   In 2016, EDL produced more than 13 Million Gwh through 7 major thermal power plants owned directly or indirectly by the Establishment and located in different areas of Lebanon and it purchased a limited quantity of energy from the Litani River Authority as well as the Nahr Ibrahim and Al Bared concessions, all of which use small hydro-power plants with limited capabilities.

   EDL’s transmission network consists of many types of high voltage power lines such as 66, 150, 220, and 400 kv lines as well as 68 major power substations converting power from high voltage to medium voltage. In addition, the network includes more than 1 540 km (1362 km of overhead lines and 178 km of underground cables) of various voltages.

   The distribution network consists of substations converting power from medium to low voltage and using more than 15,000 transformers with their accessories and appurtenances, in order to deliver electrical power to every subscriber.

   Currently, the number of employees at EDL is around 1720 (although this number should normally be 5020 according to the Establisment’s official organizational structure) serving more than 1,400,000 subscribers of low, medium, and high voltage.